About Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley

Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley (WEB) is a program of the Berkeley Chamber that works to connect innovative women with the resources and networks they need to accelerate their businesses. In cooperation with UC Berkeley and community partnerships, WEB provides support to women at different stages of their careers and engages women in and around Berkeley.

Relationship to Berkeley Startup Cluster

Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley grew out of the Berkeley Startup Cluster, a collaborative effort between the City of Berkeley Office of Economic Development, the Downtown Berkeley Association, the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, and UC Berkeley. Berkeley Startup Cluster provides extensive resources for entrepreneurs in the area and welcomes all entrepreneurs to explore what Berkeley has to offer.

Joining Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley

We are excited to have women entrepreneurs from all sectors and stages of their careers join Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley. In order to ensure the group is of the utmost utility to everyone, we request that all members fit at least one of the following four criteria:


  • Women who have started a company in Berkeley
  • Women with a significant ownership position or decision making power in a Berkeley-based company
  • Women intrapreneurs: women who are leading innovative programs or initiatives within Berkeley-based companies
  • Women who are Berkeley residents and meet any of the above three criteria

Become A Member

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Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley. Also, click here to join the Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley LinkedIn group.

News & Events


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